Washington County Master Gardener

Membership Renewal

Please pay your membership dues by December 15, 2019, for the 2020 calendar year. The renewal process has two steps as shown below, payment and entering your directory information.

1. Payment

You have three options available for paying dues:

  1. In person (cash, check, or credit card) at the November and December Chapter Meetings.
  2. By mail: Make check payable to WCMGA, and send to: Treasurer, Marilynn Turner, 3478 NW 126th Ave., Portland, OR 97229.
  3. Online: To pay the $25.00 membership dues, using either Paypal or credit card, please click on this link: Dues

2. Directory Information

When your payment is complete, even if you paid in person, and even if your info has not changed from previous years, please enter your contact information here:  Members Directory Info. 

Once you are in the WCMGA directory you will be on the mailing list to receive information about WCMGA events and volunteer opportunities.

NOTE: ONLY the information you provide will be included in the directory. The directory is ONLY emailed to WCMGA members for MG use and is not shared with the public. 

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