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Other Ways to support WCMGA

Bottle Drop

WCMGA is now participating in the Bottledrop Redemption program. If you are already contributing bags to another organization, please consider sharing with WCMGA. You can obtain bags at the office, chapter meetings, and the two learning gardens. After you fill the bags you can drop them off at the Bottledrop centers or Fred Meyer.

   Bottle Drop Blue Bag Instructions

  1. Fill the blue bag with clean, non-crushed aluminum, glass and plastic bottles which have the OR 10c stamped into the top of the aluminum cans or written somewhere on the label of glass and plastic cans. The contents can be mixed glass, plastic, and aluminum. The bag needs to weigh less than 20lb, so if all the contents are glass you will not be able to fill the bag. (max 30 12oz beer bottles).
  2. Take the bag to the bottle drop-off center, or Fred Meyer bag drop. Search for a nearby Bottle Dropoff Location.
  3. Scan the bar code on the bag label at the bar code reader underneath the door.
  4. When the green light comes on you can open the door.
  5. Put the bag inside.

If the door does not open you can take the bag inside the bottle drop redemption center and sometimes a person is at the Fred Meyer location who will take the bag.

Fred Meyer Rewards

Do you shop at Fred Meyer? Do you have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card? Fred Meyer has a Community Rewards program that donates to local nonprofits such as WCMGA based on purchases made by Rewards Cards linked to the nonprofit. If you don’t have a Rewards Card, stop by the Customer Service Desk and sign up for one. It’s easy to link your Rewards Card, even if you have lost your card and use a phone number for your rewards. There is no cost to you and you will still get your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates. We hope to receive $150.00 this year from Community Rewards.

Here is how to link your Fred Meyer rewards card to WCMGA:

  • Sign in or create a new account at Fred Meyer Community Rewards.
  • From your account page, use the left hand menu to choose the “Community Rewards” link.
  • Then click “Enroll”
  • Under “Find an Organization”, type: WCMGA. Press Enter.
  • “WCMGA-OSU Extension Service” will appear, click Enroll again.

Now you will support our chapter budget goals whenever you use your rewards card at Fred Meyer, in addition to the rewards you earn yourself.

Intel Involved Volunteer Matching Program

Are you an Intel Retiree, or regular active, part-time, or flex-time employee? Intel will donate $10 for each hour you volunteer to the Washington County Master Gardener Association (and most non-profit 501(c)3s) under the Intel Involved Volunteer Matching Program. This includes educational hours, drive time, and any volunteer activity hours.

To find more information and how to report hours, log on to the Intel Retiree Organization website. Click on “Life after Intel” and select “Volunteering”. The page provides lots of information and a quick link to Benevity to report hours. If you haven’t signed up for IRO access, there is a link to do so on this page. There is also a webinar for using Benevity if you have any questions.

For reporting hours, the WCMGA tax ID (EIN) is 30-0064574. Also, if you donate money to WCMGA, Intel will match the donation up to certain limits; see the IRO website for more details. Note that the deadline is January 15 to report the previous year’s volunteer hours.

If you have questions after reviewing the Intel website, Marti Farris, Master Gardener, and participant in the Intel Involved Volunteer Matching Program is available for information. Marti can be reached at

Renee’s Seeds

Plant your Garden and Grow Cash!

Buy your garden seeds from Renee’s Garden SeedsTM and 25% of the order value will be donated to Washington County Master Gardener Association!

Here’s how it works: Simply go to Renee’s Garden and choose from the wide selection of seeds for heirloom and gourmet vegetables, cottage garden flowers and culinary herbs, special seed collections and great kitchen garden cookbooks.  At checkout, just enter the code FR2019A2 in the coupon code box on the checkout page, and that’s it!

Renee’s Garden will send WCMGA a year-end check for 25% of all orders that use this fundraising code. This is a year-round, on-going fundraiser, so order regularly for spring, fall and holiday gifts.

Spread the word to your friends and family!  Anyone can use this special code.