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Resources for Bees, Pollinators and Other Beneficial Insects

Mason Bees: English (pdf), Spanish (pdf):  Ron Spendal’s brochure will tell you everything you need to know about raising and providing habitat for mason bees in your garden.

Enhancing Urban and Suburban Landscapes to Protect Pollinators – OSU, EM 9289, June 2020. This guide offers detailed plants lists, garden designs, advice on creating pollinator habitat, and methods to keep plants health without the use of pesticide.  

Native Plant Picks for Bees – OSU, EM 9363, Sept 2022. This guide covers 10 native plant species that can help attract a diverse and abundant of bees to your garden. 

Garden Ecology LabOSU Socio-ecological research in urban and suburban garden systems. Great source for information on pollinators and more!   

Gardening and Landscaping Practices for Nesting Native Bees – J. Cane, Utah State Univ Extension, ENT-175-15, May 2015.  Great guide and excellent photographs illustrate how to establish native bee nesting areas in the garden. 

5 Ways to Increase Nesting Habitat for Native Bees – Xerces Society, 17 March, 2017. Quick tip guide to establishing nesting areas in the garden. 

Selecting Plants for Pollinators: A regional guide for farmers, land managers, and gardeners in the Pacific Lowland Mixed Forest Province – Pollinator Partnership. This guide covers the Willamette Valley and north into Washington. Included is a chart of plant traits and pollinators they attract and a bloom periods chart for trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers in this region.

New Year’s Resolutions That Will Benefit Nature, Wildlife, and Invertebrates – Xerces, Dec 2022. – A list of realistic and measurable new year’s resolution ideas that will benefit invertebrates, wildlife, nature, and you.

Encouraging Beneficials in Your Garden PNW 550, July 2001, reviewed Dec 2018. This publication covers common garden beneficial insects, the pests they control and garden flowers that attract beneficials.

Habitat Planning for Beneficial Insects – Xerces, 2016. This publication outlines the ecology of many native beneficial insect groups and highlights recommended strategies for conservation biological control.  

Common Natural Enemies of Nursery Crops & Garden Pests in the PNW – OSU EC 1613, March 2021. This pocket guide helps you quickly learn and identify the most common natural enemies found in nursery systems and in gardens.